Judibet918 Wallet New Member Account Sign Up Guide

Judibet918 Wallet New Member Account Sign Up Guide

stJudibet918 Wallet is an online gambling platform just like Judikiss918, Mega888 Online, Bonus88, and many more.

Judibet918 – the word “Judi’ here is an origin of a Malay word that means bet or gambling.

So just as the name sounds, this unique name comes with high expectations.

A 10-letter name that is short, easy to remember, and precisely says about itself with the name.

Judibet918 is a new and one of the best online gambling platforms.

Judibet918 wallet began its humble operations only in 2020.

It is widely used as an online gaming platform in Indonesia and is gaining popularity in Malaysia as well.

Consisting of active and loyal gamblers, this site has captured the hearts of many Malaysians when it comes to online gambling.

As a trusted online gambling site in Indonesia, Judibet918 is also becoming one of the most trusted sites in Malaysia.

Sites such as ikaya28, Maya33, and many more are pioneer sites as compared to Judibet918. Even though quite new Judibet918 is very popular among bettors in Malaysia.

Judibet918 Wallet is accessible through Mobile, PC, and tablets with either iOS or Android operating systems.

Hence there is no need for anyone to leave the comfort of their home to gamble or play on Judibet918.

Judibet918 Wallet is well known for largest Slot games provider and also for Football Betting.

Signing up a new account for Judibet918 Wallet

1st Step Registration

  • Visit the site at Judibet918.info.
  • Click the register button
  • You will be led to a page that says register now
  • On this page, you will find all the welcome bonuses (we will talk about them a bit later here)

2nd Step – Signing Up

  • Fill up all the information such as full name, email address, contact details, and banking details, and confirm you are above 18 years of age
  • You will receive an email asking the new member to verify
  • Once verification is done, you will be led to a new page

3rd Step – Deposit

  • After you have verified your sign-up, you will see the page to make your first deposit
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit and you will also see what deposit bonuses you can get (will also talk about it later here)
  • You can select your deposit methods from a variety of choices. Whether it is online banking, touch n go or Grab pay, or many more.

4th Step – Start Playing

  • As immediately as the deposit is successful. You can start playing any games of your choice
  • There is a variety of games for you to choose from
  • You will never get bored or tired of playing the games on Judibet918 Wallet

5th Step Start winning

  • What else happens once you start playing? Winning!!
  • Start winning with your bets and make money


Judibet918 Wallet Free Credit Promotions

It’s a very simple process of registration for the Judibet918 Wallet for new members.

Upon signing up for the Judibet918 wallet, new members will enjoy a lot of benefits and perks.

These benefits and perks will be placed in your wallet account and you can use them anytime.

Whether it’s to use it to play more games or if it’s in an amount that you can withdraw.

Some of the benefits and perks a new member can enjoy the minute they sign up:

1) Judibet918 Wallet Welcome Bonus

Bonuses are given to new players. New players can claim up to a 150% welcome bonus.

2) Festive Giveaways

Similar to Mega88, Bonus888 where there were festive giveaways.

So does Judibet918 Wallet offer. For example, there is a Chinese New year Ang Pao giveaway for this festive period

3) Referral Bonus

Simply means introducing a friend and family to the Judibet918 wallet and earning a referral bonus for both.

4) Deposit Bonus

Judibet918 wallet offers different bonus amounts for deposits made.

This is defined by the amount and number of times a deposit is made.

For example, deposit a minimum amount of RM30 and stand a chance to claim a % of your deposit amount as a bonus

5) Judibet918 Wallet Free Spins and credits

The more you play the freer spins and credits you get.

This free spins and credits can be used to play more games. Hence increase your chances of winning real money.


Judibet918 Wallet Conclusion

Judibet918 Wallet also enables easy and simple withdrawal methods when you want to withdraw your winnings.

The deposit method that is used for deposit purposes, can also be used for withdrawal purposes.

On Judibet918 Wallet – signing up, depositing, playing, winning, and withdrawing is made so easy and simple.

No administrative hassle with 24/7 support from the support team thru WhatsApp, Live Chat, and updated FAQs.

With all of the above, there is really nothing to lose by signing up for Judibet918 Wallet.

What are you waiting for?! Sign up and start playing.

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