2022 official xe88 slot review

Official XE88 Slot 2022 Complete Guide & Review

XE88, one of the fastest-growing online casino Malaysia provides a wide range of exciting online casino games for the gambling enthusiast.

XE88 game include online poker, online blackjack, Wukong slot and also other live casino game that you can name.

The XE88 slot games are definitely one of the most selected slot games Malaysia platform and are always being recommended as the best platform to start online slot gaming as a new gambler.

The platform has an extensive series of slot games for selection.

Free spins are not generally a common bonus that will be given out on this platform, but there are games that accessible to the progressive jackpots.


XE88 Registration and the beginning

XE88 is one of the most convenient platforms that can ease your gambling journey.

Players can just download XE88 and complete the registration.

XE88 APK Download is available for Android and iOS phones.

Once downloaded, you can start the registration process. It is simple.

You just need to fill up a simple form with the required personal information, and you are ready to embark on the exciting journey.

Registrants need to verify their accounts and deposit funds into their online betting accounts.

They can pick the transaction methods according to their convenience.


User Interface

In-platform navigation is simple. Even newly registered players can browse around and easily find the games that they want to explore.

As they are targeting Asian players, the platform is built with 2-3 main striking colors like red, blue, and white.

Members would not feel uncomfortable and distracted by overloaded colors during the gaming.

The real casino-liked ambiance is one of the important attributes that XE88 likes to bring to you.

The interactive platform gives the members ability to interact with the dealer if they are enjoying table games or online poker games.

The platform has extravagant 3D illustrations included in its games.

Their high-quality graphics, animations, and sound will definitely make the gambling journey a more memorable one.

If the players are not enjoying the sound effect, they can select the silent mode.

This was able to ease the members that wanted to play games in a public area.


Bonuses and Free Spins Offer

XE88 welcomes leisure or advanced players to join as their members.

They are one of the rare platforms that provide very decent free play to almost all the games that are available.

The welcome bonus is rewarded to new members to ensure they have a good start with XE88.

They allow the members to play free XE88 slots before they enter the online betting with real cash money.

There is also XE88 Free Credit No Deposit which is an XE88 Free Credit that all the newly registered players are eligible to claim.

Please allow 24 hours for the bonus to be credited into your Wallet.

Apart from the welcome bonus, new players will be rewarded with free spins, free shots, and other free credits along the gambling journey with XE88 Game.

This bonus is not able to withdraw, but, new players can play with the credits and understand the rules, pay-table, and how it works with the Random Number Generator (RNG).

Another type is XE88 First Deposit Welcome Bonus.

This bonus is applicable when the newly registered player put in their first deposit into the gaming account.

The bonus amount will be different depending on the total deposit amount.


XE88 Platform Safety and Security

XE88 platform security as one of their priorities.

They ensure the safety and security of their members from personal information and their cash deposits.

The established developer of the game ensure the data is protected 24/7 and it won’t be shared to any third party.

The gaming app is fully licensed and regulated by government authorities.

The platform is protected with 128-bit Encryption that is able to reduce the possibility of a hacker’s attack.


Payment and Withdrawal

With the emphasis on XE88 platform safety and security, the developer is trying their best to give the players and members a seamless transaction experience.

They allow transactions by online banking, Help2Pay, PayTrust Payment gateway, credit cards and debit cards.

You can transfer your fund from the main wallet to the XE88 slot game wallet 24/7 easily.

If you using online banking services for withdrawal, the amount in XE88 wallet will be transferred to your bank account within 5 minutes.


XE88 Customer Support

XE88 provides 24/7 customer service support to ensure when the members facing technical or other issues during the game, the XE88 team is there to solve problems.

Especially beginners, they might even face problems with navigation, deposits, withdrawals, or even just confuse about random things.

Members can connect with the customer support team in various ways.

There are live chats, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and nevertheless, email.


Slots Variation and Collection

XE88 slot games are always up to date.  They are one of the online casino apps that have the fastest updates in the market.

The platform always offers plenty of different slot game that is very promising in their rewards and jackpot.

They have from classic slots to modern video slots that come with 5-reels or 7-reels with attractive and interesting themes.

Some of the famous slot games that are available are Monkey Thunderbolt, Bonus Bears, Panther Moon, God of Wealth, and Golden Tour.

The slot games that are available is the platform rated from 1 stars to 5 stars.

They are also famous for their progressive jackpot slot games and the value of the jackpot will grow day by day depending on the players’ online betting.


Pay-out ratio and Wagering Requirement

Most of the XE88 slot has a higher pay-out ratio compared to other platforms.

The platform has a reasonable wagering requirement.

It requires the members to have at least 3 times their deposit amount and bonuses before they can withdraw any winnings.

Tips To Enjoy XE88 Slot Game

Few tips to ensure that you are able to enjoy slot gaming:

  1. Do not rush to play with real cash. It is not embarrassing to start with free credits and bonuses.
  2. When selecting the slot machine, it is always recommended to select the one with a higher RTP rate
  3. Select the slot games that able to reward you with better bonuses
  4. Think, and select either pay-out size or hit frequency. There is never a win-win in this. You can only choose either one.
  5. Do not chase after a jackpot. If you think the game does not give you any winning, select another game.
  6. Please steadily, keep your bankroll stable
  7. Manage your betting amount, don’t put in the same betting value every time
  8. Control and monitor the playing time. Longer playing time will be more beneficial for slot games
  9. Be mindful and set a budget, make sure you are within your affordable win or loss.

With this fast, simple, and secure platform, you can start enjoying the XE88 slot whenever, wherever you want!



Slots games are always the favorite options that players will choose in a physical casino or online casino.

For online slot game lovers, XE88 is definitely a platform that you will fall in love with.

With their emphasis on safety and security, members are able to play free of mind.

XE88 is also a great platform that they are not emphasized getting money from the members, but more on ensuring the members have a great gambling journey.

Their rewards and bonuses given to members are sufficient for them to have a casual play, or just to practice before getting into real gambling.

Some of the players are there just to pass time but some might be expecting a good side income from the game.

Whichever is your real motive, remember to be mindful when you are putting in the bet.