Is Online Casino Genting A Scam

Is Online Casino Genting A Scam?

Genting Highlands is a theme park is one of the famous tourism attractions.

So online casino genting is created as to let gamers to experience to bet online.


Is Online Casino Genting A Scam?

Online casino genting game look like a scam to many of us.

Before we judge on something, you may look at the Genting casino first.

Genting casino has a good reputation for their only legal land-based casino area.

However, some said they cannot even withdraw their winning bets.

Another issues is their live chat, some customers is still anger over this issues for slow respond.

Because genting online games created like around 2 years ago, the market segmentation still need some time to progress better.`


Player’s Feedback On Online Casino Genting

Genting casino has a good reputation.

However, I overheard some feedbacks like cannot withdraw their winning bets after they played.

While, some even ask some notary documents as well.

Live chat maybe no as good to play physically.

This is simply because they think their respond not as fast like their hotel facility.

When you got enough money, no experts will guide you about how to withdraw money and play.

Genting Casino’s have 42 brick and mortar (actual places you can walk into and play) casinos all across the country.


Limited Transactions involves to Open Account

Customers only could use online banking transfer and e-wallet for credit top up and withdrawal.

It will consume more time and efforts for customers to play it with more hot places involved as customers need to drive out to wait.

Another thing is need fuel consumptions to drive out if needed to go cashier table to fund money for genting online casino account.


Wrong Timing To Launch This Online Platform?

According to history, online casino genting also created around MCO pandemic periods on year 2020 to allow more players to play.

Another disadvantage is that personal spending powers also reduced because of many job cuts during that time too.

To target other than Malaysia market also not feasible.

So limited geographical areas to be targeted and afraid to invest time to play new online games is the reasons why this game appear on wrong timing too.

Many scammer site appear online also create fear for new players to try out online casino genting games.

Besides, during MCO period, many people are on tight financial budget.

Because most of our time is stay at home to face family members more, each persons private space also get controlled by other persons around more often.

The last thing is that this platform don’t have free trial accounts to new players to test out the platform.


Does It Convenient To Play Compare To Genting World Resort Casino?

By asking this question,3 out of 4 peoples would prefer to play physical genting world resort casino compared to this online platform for better betting experience.

As we know genting casino is trying to get players to play at home, most players still feel safe to go out the genting world resort theme park to bet.

Even genting online casino got live chat assistant on the website itself and it is a failed plans to ask for fast respond when we need to withdraw money out.

With limited transactions to fund in, they only could use online banking transfer instead or e-wallet which is quite famous use recently.

Because online casino genting games is not legalized on other countries, only Malaysians can take part to play this game.


Can Genting Online Casino Games Cater To All Age Groups?

It would be most probably a “no” answer, I could predict that above 40 years old will not prefer to go to cashier table because of gambling experiences.

For 40 years old, they got more time to play casino games and have more financial decision makers compare to their younger age segment groups.

For below age of 40 years old got more knowledge of internet browsing.

However, they will put in more time to do other stuffs such as career and full time job.

Genting will capture less than fifty percent of Malaysia market as the Malay will not play online casino platforms.

So only left Chinese, Indian and other races to play for genting casino as I would say that it won’t get more than fifty percent of Malaysia market share.

Below eighteen years old wont get a chances to play due to age restriction rule in gambling.


Ways To Improve For Online Casino Genting Platform

To attract more new players,  Genting can use their hotel staffs to work as online casino customer service.

In order to handle games better mean that their customer service must be available 24 hours 7 days to reply customers.

To retain existing customers, they can give out genting vouchers to them.

This move will help to attract new customers as well.

Like they could give the vouchers like discount for hotel stay and buying genting resort brand merchandises.

Perhaps, Genting could could apply for other countries online casino license.

It will help to build player’s confidence to play.

Besides, government could also loosen on the laws and regulations of online casino activities.


Online Casino Genting (RWG) Download & Registration Guide

In order to gain access to genting online casino account, you must download an apps called RWG Mobile App.

But before that, you have to activate your ‘E-Cash’ which is a cashless feature for gaming.

You must activate it before you start to play online casino game.

The next step is that you need to login into Resort World Genting mobile app.

Then, select ‘Account’ and then tap ‘top-up’ icon right beside ‘e-Cash’.

Third step is to transfer your amounts to top up.

You will need to enter the preferred amount you want to enter for fund transfer.

Then you only could proceed to e-payment for FPX internet banking.

Then you need to wait for confirmation that the fund is successfully transfer.

For the last step, you need to top-up the ‘e-cash’ and also scan the QR code accordingly.



As a conclusion, I would say that genting online games is not a scam.

Instead, the operator should plan out some strategies to attract new customers and retain customers.

So that online casino genting can be one of to top online casino platforms in Malaysia.