2022 Safari Heat Slot Game Honest Review

2022 Safari Heat Slot Game Honest Review

Safari Heat slot video slot has an Asian-themed atmosphere, including the background music.

The slot is a Playtech casino game that was released in May 2016; as previously stated, the game references Asian themes and legends.

The slot machine has five reels and three horizontal; the RTP of the game is above the moderate level (96%).

To win, you must create a series of at least 3 tiles of same character.

The game has thirteen symbols and the option to activate free spins.

The game is fairly simple, allowing both newcomers and experienced slot players to gain knowledge and win big.

Users can also learn by using the playtime demo account that really is available to you.

Safari Heat Slot is a Playtech casino that was released in May of 2016.

Playtech is a well-known seller with a high-quality gap.

This game is based on the Asia theme and legends. To be truthful, this motif is a must-have for any reputable vendor.

Let’s take a look at just how Playtech did manage to fill the void.

Slot Safari Heat is a traditional slot machine with five reels and three horizontal.

Its RTP proportion is deemed to be above medium (96%), and the danger is deemed to be medium.

The game does not have a progressive jackpot.

Among main features are animations, a well-designed ground and it so, and spins as the primary special feature.

The game’s atmosphere is inspired by Asia.

Everything, from the background to the sounds, gives the impression of an Asian legend.

Traditional decoration elements can be found, and even the game fonts are designed to look like hieroglyphs.

Special visuals with a tiny patch are available to big winners.

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How and where to Play This Slot Machine

To come out on top in the Safari Heat slot, you must form a queue of at least three (in some instances, two) identical character tiles.

A combination has fifteen variations. Each of them requires the symbols to be laterally, vertically, or diagonally adjacent.

There is also the option to reduce the number of current lines. You will reduce your total bet in this manner.

However, the cost will be lower as well.

Except for the Scatter tile combination, all combinations must begin on the leftmost reel.

Only the most costly combination will be compensated.

The game controls are located at the bottom of something like the screen.

There are four buttons, two selection panel, and two status bars. The bars are in the centre of the panel.

They indicate the actual bet (up to 30 coins) as well as the most recent win.

The bet size is managed by two selectors.

The first determines the number of active lines (1-15), while the second determines the button for every line (from 0.01 to 2 coins).

The leftmost button activates the payable, which displays the pairing shapes and prices, as well as bonus explanations.

An unpractised player can learn to play Safari Heat slot machine there.

The maximal bet button instantly places the largest bet available in the game.


Safari Heat Slot Symbols and background music

The game contains thirteen symbols. It is possible to use Scatter and Wild special tiles, just like in other video slots.

The Safari Heat slot logo was created on scatter tiles. They initiate the bonus round.

The portrait of the Lion is held by the Wilds.

Except for Scatters, the Wild symbol replaces all other tiles and multiplies the pay–outs for the combination.

Scatters and Wilds can both form winning combinations, with the latter being the most expensive.

It can award ten thousand tokens for five consecutive tiles.

Furthermore, special icons and the two biggest basic tiles could only form a line with two characters.

Protagonists and 9-A starting to play card numbers are used to represent the standard tiles.

Standard tiles with the Zebra and a Deer are the costliest (from 600 to two coins).

The medium-cost tiles are a Leopard and a Tree. The 9 is indeed the least expensive emblem in the game.

It has a five-coin minimum and a fifty-coin maximum combo.

The game’s soundtrack is actually the backstory melodic line and sound effects.

The melody has a traditional Asian feel to it, with distinct instruments.

It’s slow at first, but it picks up speed once you reach the bonus game.

When the free spins stop spinning, the pay line is spotlighted by sound effects. All of the game buttons will also be audible.

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Optional extras

During the game, you can toggle free spins on and off. They are available if you collect three or more Scatter symbols on the match field.

Then, the reward round on the free spins comes in three flavours. You can select one of three multiplier variants.

The higher the multiplier, the fewer rounds are available. There are twenty, ten, and eight rounds with a 2x, 4x, and 5x multiplier, respectively.

The most appealing aspect of the reward round is its ability to be reactivated.

You will receive half of the additional free spins if you manage to get to at least two out of Safari Heat symbols (Scatters).

You can get up to a hundred free a round if you get five Scatter tiles.


Advantages & disadvantages of Safari Heat Slot

If you’d like to play the slot, take a look at our breakdown of benefits and drawbacks.

They are arbitrary. However, we were able to grasp the main point.

In general, Safari Heat slot is a good game with a pleasant atmosphere.

If you enjoy Asian slots, you should give this one a shot. The slot will not impress you if you are looking for new gameplay features.



  • Especially pertaining and Asian vibe
  • The variety of betting boundaries and the broad betting range
  • A good soundtrack is available, as is the allocation of more over 100 spins at once.



  • There is only one bonus feature.
  • A limited number of game options

However, the moderate risk level makes the sport suitable for all players.

Since you’re not a big admirer of Asian slots, the match would not recommend anything special to you.

Hence, you should look for something more lucrative or interesting.

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