2022 slotkaya official review

2022 SlotKaya Online Casino Honest Review |Games & Bonus Tips

If you have never heard of SlotKaya, you are in for a treat.

SlotKaya is offers free credit to users whether it is for slot free credit 2022 or whatever online betting.

From free slot credits to sign up bonuses to friend bonuses, there are many things to look forward to at SlotKaya.

Among the online casinos that SlotKaya offers games at are Mega888 and Pussy888 among others.


What is SlotKaya?

SlotKaya is an online casino that is fairly new to the industry, starting out in 2021 till today.

It is one of the up-and-coming online casinos in Malaysia because of a variety of reasons.

It acts as a host for many other online casinos as well, such as Mega888, Pussy888, 918Kiss, and many more.


What are the features of SlotKaya?

Every online casino has its own specialty. So does SlotKaya.

So, what separates it from the rest of them?

1) User-friendly interface

SlotKaya has a very simple user interface that anyone, young and old, can use.

It is easy on the eyes and you know where everything is at a glance.

It makes gameplay and online betting fun and entertaining, without the confusion and worry that you might click on the wrong thing.

Everything is straightforward and easy to understand. You will have no issue navigating through the website and online betting.

2) Zero unnecessary advertisements

In today’s world, everything works with advertisements. And it can be annoying to see one every time you want to play a game.

With this online slot platform, you do not need to worry about this.

You can play games from Mega888, Pussy888, XE88, or other online casinos that are hosted on the website without worry.

You can just play the games from the other casinos without prompts or advertisements interrupting you. Similar to websites like MegaKaya and JomPanda.

It is like a new breath of life to have no ads disrupting your plays.

3) Host to many online casinos

There are numerous online casinos available today. And it can be tiring to need to go from one to another.

Well, it has got you covered on that end.

By being host to many of them, you need not split your attention to the many platforms.

You only need to log in to one website – SlotKaya – and you can access the casinos games available on those websites.

It is your one-stop center for online casinos, making online betting second nature. How convenient it is, right?


What games are available on SlotKaya?

As it is a host website to other online casinos, it has all the games that are available on those websites.

You play a lot on Mega888? SlotKaya has its games.

You play a lot on Pussy888? SlotKaya has its games.

What about XE88? Or Playtech? Or 918Kiss?

Well, the answer is yes, yes, yes to all!

How much more convenient can it get?


What bonuses can I get from SlotKaya?

SlotKaya has amazing bonuses that you can get for free or by completing simple activities.

Let us have a more in depth look at them to understand them better.

1) 30% welcome bonus

Like other online casinos, it has a sign up bonus as well.

It is 30% from your first deposit.

So be sure to take advantage of that when you make you first deposit.

2) 5% unlimited reload bonus

If you thought that you only get a bonus from your first deposit, you are so wrong.

You get a 5% reload bonus when you make a re-deposit.

The best part of it all? It is unlimited. So, you can claim this as many times as you re-deposit.

3) 4% Slotkaya rebate bonus

With online betting, people will either win or lose. Some days you make a profit, some days you make a loss.

If you are making a profit, then good for you.

If you are making a loss, do not worry. Because SlotKaya offers a 4% rebate on those losses. How wonderful is that?

This takes place every Monday.

So, every Monday, the slot system will perform a calculation on your losses, if you are on that end during the week.

Then, all you need to do is click on the “Claim” button and the 4% bonus will be credited to your account.


4) SlotKaya referral friend bonus

If you have friends, be sure to invite them to join you on this adventure.

Why? Not only can you have fun together, you can benefit from the referral friend bonus as well.

The more friends you refer, the more you stand to earn, the more offers and bonuses you will get.

The number of friends you refer is equal to the number of free credits you can exchange for.


5) Friend deposit bonus

Each time your friend makes a deposit, you as their referrer will get extra rewards and bonuses.


6) Betting bonus

When you collect credits on SlotKaya, you can redeem points using them.

These points can be used on whatever online casino hosted on the website.

For example, you have 500 credits that you have accumulated, whether it is from slot free credit 2022 or otherwise.

Let’s say you play on Mega888.

So, you can convert those credits to betting bonus or points to be used for betting on Mega888.


7) Free credit

Relating to the bonus before this, you might wonder how much credit you can get from here.

Well, there are quite a few answers for this.

Aside from the friend bonus, you can get free credit from spinning the slot on SlotKaya to get slot free credit 2022.

And you can claim this free credit every 3 hours.

You can get up to 100 credits each spin.

So whether you make a deposit or not, you will still get free credit from these free spins on the website.


8) Grab Red Packet bonus

SlotKaya has a special bonus that only a limited number of players can get.

It is a first come, first served, so you will need to be quick.

At the right timing, you need to grab the red packet to get an extra bonus reward.


9) VIP level bonus

Choosing to upgrade your account to higher levels on the website will bring you even more rewards.

The higher level you go, the more bonuses you will be able to get.

As you climb the ladder to the top of the VIP level, 2 things will grow with you:-

  • First, the rebate will increase from 4% up to 6.3%, and
  • Second, you get free credits faster than every 3 hours. You can get them as quickly as every 1 hour and 5 minutes.


How can I get more credits in SlotKaya?

it is not the only online casino to offer these credits.

If you are looking to get more, you can always sign up on other websites that offer similar bonuses and rewards.

Here are some of our recommendations that might interest you.

  1. MegaKaya
  2. Monkey88
  3. Wirabet
  4. Jom126
  5. JomPanda
  6. 12Judy
  7. iBoss918

These are online casinos as well, playing host to other online casinos too.

They have free credit from spins. And some have even more rewards.

Such as getting lucky spins to win RM1,000, getting a sign-up bonus of 50%, a 12% deposit bonus, and many many more.

Check them out to maximize your chances and opportunities for online betting.


In Conclusion

SlotKaya is a great online casino website that is fun and entertaining.

If you enjoy playing casino games and online betting, you need not look further for another option.

For Malaysians who play and bet on popular websites like Mega888, Pussy888, and XE88, this is a new opportunity to earn and win more.

All you have to do is sign up and you get amazing additional bonuses and free credits from playing the same games you usually do.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!