2022 Three Card Poker Game Guide & Tips

2022 Three Card Poker Game Guide & Tips

In the world of online casino, there are so many games that one can play.

From Blackjack to online slot to craps to poker to baccarat, the choice is endless.

But let us talk about something that may be new to you, three card poker.

It is a relatively popular game in online betting as well as in the traditional casinos.

With the right setting, this is a game that can quite easily set someone on a winning streak.

Which ups the odds of winning and overall enjoyment of the game.


What is three card poker?

For starters, let us dive into the world of three card poker by having an introduction to it.

What is it? How is it played?

First and foremost, from the name of the game itself, you already know that it is played with a poker deck.

It is one of the many variations of poker games.

Very simply put, there are a few ways to bet on it, as below.

  1. Player bets on the cards in their hand (known as Pair Plus wager)
  2. Player bets against the card dealer (known as Ante wager)
  3. Player bets against both the cards in their hand and the card dealer (known as Pair Plus and Ante wager)


How is it played?

Three card poker is not difficult at all. Players are only playing against the dealer, and not with other players.

The rules to the game are straightforward and the game is pretty exciting.

Here is how to play it.

  1. Before the cards are dealt, players must make a wager, one out of the 3 mentioned.
  2. The dealer deals 3 cards to each player. All cards are dealt face down.
  3. Players take a look at their cards.
  4. Players decide on their subsequent step. Whether to Play or Raise (meaning to continue playing) or Fold (to end his or her turn in the game).
  5. When all players have made their decisions, the card dealer will collect the wagers made by those who Fold.
  6. The card dealer will then compare hands with the remaining players. And there are 2 outcomes to this, dealer qualifies or not. To qualify, the dealer must have a Queen or higher.

Depending on the dealer’s hand, here are the possible outcomes.

  1. If the dealer does not qualify, the players with Ante wager wins 1 to 1. And their Play wager is returned, or Pushed.
  2. If the dealer qualifies, but the players have a higher hand, the players with Play wager win 1 to 1. And the Ante wager as well.
  3. If the dealer qualifies and has a higher hand than the players, those with Ante and Play wagers lose.
  4. If the dealer qualifies and has a tie with the player, then the wagers are all returned, or Pushed.


What to know when playing three card poker

Going into anything new, it is always good to know a few tips and tricks.

Such as what strategies there are, the odds, the payouts, and how one can increase the odds of winning.

So here are a few items that we think you should know before you embark on this game journey.


Learn the three card poker strategy

Although there is no real strategy to playing this game, there is still the most common one.

The most basic strategy for three card poker is the Queen/6/4 strategy.

This means to wager on Play when your cards equal that or are higher than that.

Usually players look at the first card. If it is a Queen or higher, they proceed to Play.

So if your first card is a Jack or lower, you Fold, regardless of how high your next 2 cards are.


Know your three card poker odds

The typical odds in this game is fairly straightforward as well.

  • Straight Flush or higher is 5:1
  • Three of a Kind is 4:1
  • Straight is 1:1


Know about the side bets or additional bets, and understand the three card poker payouts

Not all players stick by the traditional rules. Some like to play with fire and place additional bets to make things more interesting.

When they do, the odds and payouts change. Here are some of them.

Pair Plus

– Mini Royal is 100:1

– Straight Flush is 40:1

– Three of a Kind is 30:1

– Straight is 5:1

– Flush is 4:1

– Pair is 1:1

6 Card Bonus

– Royal Flush is 1000:1

– Straight Flush is 200:1

– Four of a Kind is 100:1

– Full House is 20:1

– Flush is 15:1

– Straight is 10:1

– Three of a Kind is 7:1


Learning the etiquette while playing the game

This is mostly when three card poker is played face to face or live with online betting.

It is always good to be respectful at the table, and to abide by the rules.

This makes a good game that everyone involved enjoys.

One way would be to observe how one should play.

For instance, if you decide to Fold your hand, you can simply let the dealer know by announcing it.

Or you can place the cards under your chips.

This way, the dealer clearly knows that you are out and can proceed with the game smoothly.

It would not do to scream and yell and throw your cards at other players or the dealer. Which is quite a common scene in some casino games.

And if luck has been shining your way throughout the games, it does not hurt to tip the dealer.

Sharing success goes a long way to. Some players even believe that sharing success makes way for more.


Practise the gameplay

We all know that online betting touches on luck. Quite often, no matter how much effort one puts into strategies, luck still wins.

However, that is not to say that online betting is only about luck. No, it is not.

Also, three card poker is not just about the cards or dealer.

While luck plays a huge part, one can up their game face during gameplay.

And how one does this is by practising.

Poker is a game that requires one have a poker face.

You will need to learn how to read the room, observe players and dealers for that slight change in expression.

In addition, you will also need to know how to control your emotions.

Some people shake when they are nervous.

While some people are great at hiding their expressions and putting on a poker face.

Some people can feign confidence very easily, to throw other players and the dealer off.

If you can master how you carry yourself during a game, you can easily turn the tables around. Especially when things are not in your favour.

One way to do this is to actually practise playing the game.

There are three card poker apps that have free games for you to practise on, and they are amazing.


In Conclusion

Three card poker is a fun game that can be enjoyed by all kinds of players.

Whether you play it live with online betting at an online casino, or face to face at a traditional casino.

Three card poker is not difficult to learn. But the odds are not particularly high as compared to some other casino games.

If you are new to the game, it would be great if you familiarise yourself with the rules and basic strategy.

Then, try it out with friends, family, or those free online games.

Once you have gotten a feel of it, it will come easier to you.

After that, all you have to do is play more and enjoy it.