Jackpot Winning Tips Dolphin Reef Slot

Secret Tips To Win Jackpot In Dolphin Reef Slot

The ultimate question that pops to mind by most players in the Online Casino world is how can they win the most regardless of being a newcomer or a professional.

Using Slot Games Malaysia to obtain great profits isn’t an easy task. Or perhaps it just could be?

Here’s the thing, what most experts don’t tell you is that it could be quite easy to win using Dolphin Reef Slot, and you can experience the thrill of swimming in the ocean with all of the sea creatures alongside playing the game.

Yes, it sounds like quite the game right?

Do not fear about getting eaten by a sea monster.

You can play with ease thanks to the new PlayTech Software that now has a mobile version of the Dolphin Reef Slot game.

Besides, Playtech also develop other famous online slot games such as Wukong Slot.

Therefore, you can be assured that you are playing it right on your mobile device or computer.

Consider this a double win, as you can put all of these tips shared in the article to play.

Ready to earn some great wins? That’s the whole point of reading this anyways, right? Let’s get started.


Secret Tips To Win Jackpot in Dolphin Reef


Know how the Dolphin Reef Slot game works

  1. This is one of the most fundamental tips for you! You have to know how the game works before you can even think about spending your time and effort on giving it a shot.
  2. This game is quite known to be the best 918Kiss Slot Game to play as far as Online Casino Games Malaysia.
  3. The important fact to take note on is that the Dolphin Reef Slot game consists of 5 reels and 20 adjustable pay lines.
  4. To keep things fun, there are some melodious tunes playing in the background. However, if this seems to bother you, you can always opt to turn it off using the ‘Settings’ icon.
  5. Pay lines are represented through air bubbles, located at the sides of the reels. Thus, when there is a win, the lines will strike through and show that you have won.
  6. Another thing to take note on is the control panel. This is located at the lower end of the screen, and shows you options such as line adjuster, bet per line option and the info button.
  7. The control panel has icons for turbo spins, auto play, manual spin, total bets and wins.
  8. To have a high winning ratio, you will need to know all the above so that you can monitor your progress and change the settings if you need to. There are also other slot games on the Mega888 Malaysia site to play with.

Be an exert on the game features

  1. Ensure you understand and try to study the game features on the Dolphin Reef Slot.
  2. Having deep knowledge on these features will help you to make better informed decisions while gambling. Besides that, you can keep ahead of the game and be sure of placing your bets on this game.
  3. Some points to understand:

House Edge/RTP = 4% / 96%

Pay Lines = 20

Reels = 5

Coins Range = 0.01 to 2.00

Min/Max Bet = 0.20 to 40.

Jackpot (Max Win) = 5,000

Bonus Rounds = Re-spins with Expanding Wilds

Free Spins = 5 Re-spins / 2 Expanding Wilds


Know the symbols of the Dolphin Reef Slot game

  1. A newcomer to this game will need to understand the symbols that they will come across in the Dolphin Reef Slot game.
  2. This will without a doubt impact the chances of winning.
  3. The most common of symbols that you will come across while playing are the seahorse, the dolphin, the starfish, the treasure chest, clownfish, sea turtle and alphanumerical card values.
  4. The dolphin, wild character and scatter symbols are shown in the treasure chest. Meanwhile, the dolphin and the treasure chest are the special ones in the game.
  5. If you manage to score the treasure chest symbol in 3 various positions on the reels simultaneously, you are indeed in luck! You will notice that your win will multiply by 3 on your initial stake.
  6. As for treasure cheat symbols, your initial stake will earn you 10 times of it. The rare occasion of five at once will allow you to take back 100 times your initial stake.
  7. The middle value symbols in the Dolphin Reef Slot game is the sea turtle, which has a 1000 times multiplier.
  8. The highest value symbol is the clownfish, where you stand the chance to win 5000 times multiplier for corresponding symbols.


Set your betting limits to match your style

  1. Each player has their own particular style of betting.
  2. Some players are keen on placing high stakes. Meanwhile, others bend more towards placing the lowest possible bet. Therefore, you need to change the betting limits to match the way you set to play the game.
  3. Fortunately, this game allows you to have an adjustable range of pay lines.
  4. The player can place bets as high or as low as they seem fit. Do take note that decreasing the pay lines will lower your chances on winning.
  5. The part where you need top be smart about is staying with all 20 pay lines and play cautiously while not decreasing the betting limit on each line.


Make use of the free spins available

  1. It is not so easy to come across the free spin feature on the Dolphin Reef Slot game. However, all hope is not lost as you can still guide yourself towards obtaining it.
  2. Be sure to grab to opportunity and maximize your winnings from it if this chance presents itself to you.
  3. So here’s how you can land the free spin chance. First, you need to score a dolphin (wild symbol) in any location on reel 2 and 4.
  4. Once you can manage that, you will be granted five free spins. Make the most out of it!
  5. Surprisingly, reel 2 and 4 will stay wild for the whole length of the free round.
  6. Every position on reel 2 and 4 will be classified as wild and replace all symbols, including the scatter.
  7. Once reel 2 and 4 are regarded as expanding wilds, you can no longer reactivate free games.


Conclusion on the Dolphin Reef Slot game

For players that enjoy spending their time on animated slot games, they will indeed find this game to be of most fun.

The best part is that you can experience this in a demo mode which is available for download on Mega888 Slot Game.

By making use out of the demo, you will be able to enhance your skill and master the game before you place your actual bets on the live game.

Another highlight of this game is that you don’t need to cash out much to place your initial bets.

You can even start from just £0.20 and away you go!

Do not put too much thought into it, as we have given you a fair share of the best secret tips to win jackpot in Dolphin Reef Slot game!

All you have to do is follow our guide and you can be sure that you are on your way to making great wins!

So go ahead and start preparing yourself.

Gain as much knowledge as possible on the game before you start.

You can expect to experience a lot of fun and thrill while placing your bets too, so this isn’t just about making money.

But of course, spending your time while earning some big wins is the ultimate goal here!

Make sure you set your strategy first and then give it go.



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