2022 Wukong Slot Game Review

2022 Wukong Slot Game Review

Booongo is the designer of the LiveBet Casino Slots Game Wukong.

Meet Wukong, the Monkey King sprung from a stone.

Who has special abilities and is eager to share them in the new Bongo 5 x 3 slot, 25-line slot bearing his name.

Get eight free spins by gathering three scatters!

When you’re in a free spin round, Monkey King’s Luck will provide you with 3 extra scatter symbols and start another 8 free spins!

In the fantastic win re-spins series, gather at least 6 Bonus-Gem before holding to receive more Bonus-Gem.

The number of respins is reset to three with each new Bonus-Gem that appears on the reels!

Get an incredible x5000 Grand Jackpot by collecting all 15 Bonus-Gem!

Grand Jackpot is only a portion of what you can win; crazy Mini x20, Minor x50, and Major x150 will boost your chances.

Wukong added a Mystery Symbol to the board to increase your chances of winning even further.

This symbol has the ability to change into MINI, MINOR, or MAJOR symbols!

The player will be immersed in a wonderful journey with impressive wins!

Thanks to tried-and-true Hold and Win mechanisms, a beloved Asian theme, and a balanced math model!

Wukong Slot Review

Wukong slot is a great online slot game that has made it into the lobby of many casinos, according to the quality-of-service provider.

It offers tried-and-true gameplay and top-notch graphics and was published on July 8, 2021.

On Clash of Slots, the Wukong test mode is available for free to visitors without having to register.

To determine if it is the best option for you, look at the game metrics.

Wukong offers a maximum win of x5255, average volatility, and a payback of 95.72%.

The game is always interesting because of the fairly balanced math model and the potential for huge swings.

It offers a fun gaming experience all around.

Wukong appeals to players who value gaming with both classic and unique components.

The fundamental game is still enjoyable even when no bonus is activated.

But when wilds, scatters, or other special symbols or features show on the screen, the fun goes to a whole new level.

You can play the Asian-themed slot machine Wukong to get to know Wukong, a martial artist.

On five reels and 25 lines, the Wukong slot’s primary action takes place.

The slot machine has a 0.25 minimum and a maximum stake of 60 euros each spin.

The maximum payoff per spin on Wukong is 5255 times your bet, and the RTP is 95.72%.

How To Play Wukong Slot

Wukong is now the most recent rework to be on Summoner’s Rift after spending a lot of time being iterated on the PBE!

Here is what we’ll go through in this tutorial to show you how to play Wukong:

Important distinctions between the original and new Wukong:

  • Items
  • Runes
  • Skill Order
  • Combos
  • How to lane
  • How to team fight

Key Differences Between The Old Wukong Slot And New Wukong Slot

For your info, both Wukong slot new version and old version is available in Mega888 game platform.

Although a few of his movements have changed slightly, the most still have a fairly similar flavour and function.

Overall, though, he still has a tankier passive, an empowered auto for Q.

A clone of himself for W, a dash attack for E, and a knockup spin for his ultimate.

Before his playstyle change, he had a more assassin-like approach.

Using his mobility and cunning to one-shot opposing carriers with his E -> Q -> R and then disappear.

Now, thanks to modifications to his scaling ratios (which we’ll discuss in a moment), Wukong is more of a bruiser.

This often means that he prefers and performs best in prolonged fights as opposed to quick-fire ones.

Additionally, he has a greater ceiling due to the fact that he has more combo potential.

And that his clone should be used more for offensive than defensive purposes.

Still playable from top, mid, and jungle, but now weaker in AP matchups and better in AD matchups in terms of roles.

Passive – Stone Skin

Stone Skin, Wukong’s passive ability, now offers enhanced health regeneration and armour instead of magic resist.

Every time Wukong or his dummy hits a champion or monster.

The bonuses grow by five seconds, reaching a 500% bonus at eight stacks.

Because to this adjustment, he is less effective versus mages but is more suited to AD matchups, particularly melee, in prolonged battles.

Q – Crushing Blow

Every time Wukong or his duplicate deals harm with an auto-attack or ability…

Wukong’s Q, Crushing Blow, receives a reduced CD (0.5 sec reduction).

To make the most of your clone’s kit, use him as much as possible to land hits.

Because the cast time now scales with attack speed.

W – Warrior Trickster

Wukong’s W, Warrior Trickster, now has a tiny sprint, although it can still climb walls.

It now has a significantly shorter period of stealth, which reduces its defensive effectiveness but increases its offensive power.

His decoy now imitates Wukong’s attacks and ultimate, which is why (dealing reduced damage compared to the original of course).

The fact that his clone can perform a knockdown even if Wukong hasn’t used his ult to take down an enemy is significant.

Because it gives Wukong more team fighting potential than his prior incarnation.

E – Nimbus Strike

The main difference between Wukong’s E and Nimbus strike is that it now scales with AP rather than physical.

This effectively eliminates Assassin Wukong’s viability because he is unable to construct lethality.

He received a few tunings in addition to this scale change.

Such as an increase in bonus attack speed and a longer boost duration.

R – Cyclone

With so many new combo possibilities, Wukong’s Cyclone now has a greater ceiling.

Given that it has two activations:

  • You’ll need to make plans for deciding whether to use your second activation to engage in more combat or to escape.

Be aware that to make up for this, he now spins for only two seconds (per each activation).


Best Wukong Slot Build

Now that we are aware of the modifications made to Wukong’s ability set.

It is time to examine his gear, runes, and skill ranking.

We strongly advise visiting Wukong’s champion page for the most recent builds.

Because these suggested builds are likely to change as the game changes in subsequent patches.

Because top lane will be his most popular build, we’ll concentrate on it in this article.

Wukong Items

You have many options to choose from right away based on your matchup.

If you want to play offensively, bring Longsword + Refill potion or Doran’s Blade.

I you want to play defensively, bring Doran’s Shield.

And if you want a balanced strategy, bring Corrupting Potion.

Tiamat is a wonderful choice for your initial return as it will aid Wukong waveclear more regularly.

And develops into one of the Hydra items (which are great on bruisers).

Trinity Force or Black Cleaver are options after Tiamat, but we tend to recommend Tri-force.

Because of the new Q’s shorter cooldown and increased attack speed scaling, which makes the extra attack speed quite beneficial.

Wukong Slot Core Build

You should then use the recently improved Death’s Dance.

Death’s Dance is the perfect item to utilize in conjunction with Wukong’s passive and Conqueror because it excels in drawn-out battles.

Your third item is a little difficult, but depending on your game condition.

We advise finishing your Tiamat in either Titanic Hydra or Ravenous Hydra.

If the game appears to be ending shortly, choose Ravenously; if you want to scale, Titanic is the better option.

Titanic will be the most reliable choice if you’re a beginner player or have problems assessing the game situation.

Your build’s remaining components can benefit from typical bruiser features like Guardian Angel, Streak’s Gauge, Spirit Visage, and Mortal Reminder.

Remember that thanks to your passive, you don’t actually need any specific armor-based tank equipment.

Depending on your matchup and game situation, these other items may also be effective for him if you want to try them.

Tips To Win Wukong Slot Games

The primary factor in choosing Wukong Slot Games as their preferred slot game is winning cash.

We have a few pointers that we’ll share with you below on how to win money playing Wukong slots:

Choose the Good Device

  • You can use any device, such as an iPad, a smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop, to play Wukong slot games.
  • However, manual dexterity and speed are the key components of Wukong Slot Games.
  • Therefore, you must pick the right/good device that can give you a timing edge to earn more money.

Adapt the Feeling of Characters

  • Don’t just dive in and begin banging away.
  • Think carefully before you jump, and attempt to consider the repeating nature of the odds and the timing of bonuses.
  • You need to have empathy for other individuals.

The Info Table

  • Utilize the information table, which can display the frequency with which each sign appears as well as its pattern.
  • You can use this information to help the pattern choose the symbols for your wagers.

The Amount You Bet In Wukong Slot

  • Just like other online casino game playing approach, make small first bets to get comfortable with the Wukong Game Slot.
  • You can get started with the features and benefits the slot machine has to offer with a small investment of money.
  • Afterward, you can start placing greater bets based on the winning percentage the past has shown you.

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