Great Blue Slot Top 5 Secret Winning Tips

Top 5 Secret Winning Tips In Great Blue Slot

The Great Blue Slot is a popular online casino game that was created by Playtech.

It has a blue underwater theme with amazing effects, and has 5 reels and 3 rows.

So players can play with sea creatures and animals such as seahorses, starfish, turtles, and more.

It is on the volatile side of slots, so it is quite high risk. This also means if you win, you win big with the great blue jackpot.


What to know about Great Blue Slot

Before you start playing Great Blue Slot, you must learn about its features as below:-

1) Wild

The Wild symbol means that it doubles any of the combination that it activates.

This symbol is represented by the great white shark and the black orca.

When they appear, they help to complete a combination and helps you attain a bigger reward.

2) Multiple wild symbols

This here means that multiple Wild symbols can appear and boost rewards.

For example, if you get 5 black orca symbols, you have a huge win of 10,000 times the line bet.

If you get 2, 3, or 4 of the same symbols in a line, you get different amounts of coins, up to 10,250.

3) Scatter

The Scatter is a symbol that has a different role to the wild symbol. It is represented by a pink oyster with a pearl inside.

Its role is to multiply the stakes and payout.

The more of it that appears, the higher the stakes. The highest is 5 of it, representing 500 times the payout.

4) Sea shell bonus

The Sea shell bonus is another great feature of the Great Blue Slot.

It is activated when there are three or more Scattered pink oysters.

It can reward multipliers, free spins, or both.

This probably sounds quite confusing if you have never played this online casino game before.

So, it is a good idea to try out a great blue slot demo, or great blue slot – free play on websites that offer free games.

By getting the hang of it, that is how to win great blue slot.


How to play Great Blue Slot

What’s great about great blue slot – free play!

How many gambling games offer free pay for familiarising and practicing?

Anyway, to start playing, you begin by deciding how many coins you want to bet with.

Remember that these are virtual coins if you play the great blue slot – free play.

Next, you will begin the game by clicking from the leftmost button, which will show you which you can play.

The line bet is shown on your screen, so you can view it or make any additions and reductions as you please.

The following step is to click on the “Lines” button to select how many lines you wish to play with each spin.

The more lines you select, the bigger your wager, the higher the risk, the bigger the chance of a payout.

If you get tired of clicking to spin so many times, you can opt to make use of the Auto Start button. This will automatically spin for you, according to how many times you wish.


How to win Great Blue Slot – Top 5 winning tips

There is no sure-fire way to win in any gamble.

However, if you try out our tips, you might just win the great blue jackpot.

Here is how to win great blue slot, or at least increase your chances of winning, with our top 5 tips.

1) Activate the maximum bet line

When it comes to playing great blue slot, there is no real strategy or skill or technique required.

So you have to think of another way to maximise your wins.

And one way to do it is by activating all 25 bet lines when you spin.

The reason behind this is that by activating the maximum bet lines, there is a higher chance of getting winning combinations.

Not only that, activating all bet lines also means your stakes are at your highest.

So if you win, you win big.

But of course, remember to play within your means.

2) Get free spins or no deposit bonus

You know what can increase your chances of winning the great blue jackpot?

By having more chances to play, of course.

And you can do this by getting free spins and no deposit bonus.

All you need to do is go to the online casino of your choosing and look up how to get them.

3) Take advantage of the Gamble feature

The great blue slot is known for its bonuses and features, all of which we have covered above.

But did you know that there is another one feature that we have yet to discuss?

It is the Gamble feature.

You can access this feature when you have a win. This feature will appear next to the Spin button then.

When you click on it, it will take you to another screen with poker cards.

The card will have its back facing you.

What you will need to do is guess if the face of the card is red or black, as simple as that.

You just need to click on the red or black card, each representing the option for you to choose.

Choose correctly, and your winnings are doubled. And you can continue on until you choose wrongly (lose).

To help you, the great blue slot even has a little history record. Where it shows you the colours you have chosen correctly previously.

This is a popular feature that players have often taken up.

4) Count your streaks from the very first spin

If you are on a winning streak, you need to count it correctly.

It starts right from the first spin of the reels that you make.

Sometimes, players can get overzealous and miscount or forget where they started.

This leads to wrong calculation and false assumptions. They might think they are winning a lot when in actual fact, they are not.

What a bummer it is to find out that you have been counting wrongly.

So, remember to be alert in counting when you are on a winning streak as it affects your online betting.

5) Bet according to your ability and capacity

Ultimately, the biggest tip we can give you is to bet according to what you can, not what you want or think you can.

Just by following this piece of advice you can save yourself from losing more money than you have to.

This is because players tend to get excited and blinded by their winning streaks. Then, they increase their bets and play more and more to get the great blue jackpot.

But that just signals the start of their downfall.

The great blue slot, in the end, is a game of luck.

Learning when to walk away is what you should do when you play it.

This way, you can minimize your losses, if any. And also reduce any losses on your winnings.


Great Blue Slot conclusion & takeaways

The Great Blue Slot is one of many online casino games.

As popular as it is, it is still a game for online betting, and you must be careful not to be overconfident.

There are plenty of tips to guide you in your plays. All of which can help you in your journey to the great blue jackpot.

But the tips work about as well if you need them for other online slots games too.

With the Great Blue Slot, it pays to get familiar with the features. The best thing about it is you can do this by playing it for free first.

All you need to do is get the great blue slot apk free download and you can access it to practise.